Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project 49 - 49 days of painting Marina Bay Sands

Project 49. Everyday, I painted the Marina Bay Sands, pondered about the significant of it all for 49 days. It was a form of meditation. 49 days has a great significant in Chinese numerology, pugilistic master goes into a sealed cave or room to meditate for 7x7 days and supposedly emerge with greater wisdom. '49 days' is a form of therapy of the mind. The process was really enriching as I had to juggle with work, traveling and the growing size of the canvas I had painted. It is all worth, as discipline and perseverance is key to completion of the project. I had selected some to be printed on fabric and used in these 'Throw Pillow' . Enjoy and thank you to all. Have a great Christmas!!!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

2 Face - Photography and Poetry. Meng Foo and Dan Snow

This book was inspired by 2Face the coffee shop at Tiong Bahru. In the day it was a traditional coffee shop serving Yong Dau Foo and noodles, but in the night it becomes western restaurant serving Pizza and some fusion dishes.

A sketch of 2 Face

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Beautiful Day – A Love Story

I had photographed many weddings since the Eighties, no other wedding had touched me so deeply except this very special one which I had the opportunity to participate. Each time I revisit the photographs I learned to see the beauty of life and I am more determined to live each moment to its fullest. The big picture becomes clearer and the nasty little distractions dissolve into obscurity. This beauty motivates me to retell the story in this Photographic Non-Fiction Book bestrewed with comment from the bride and her friends. 

More than 400 over pages photographs described that special day. A woman's living wish to be married in Church was fulfilled by her friends after she suffered a relapse of her incurable sickness. A beautiful and touching day that one would always remember. 

Sept 26th 2016
About a week ago, a friend bought a copy of this book and she said that she cried when looking through the book. The only thing is that the photos did not come out well in the printing, black is not black enough. I knew about the difficulties in black and white printing, it is just not economical enough to print them in the highest quality and eventually the solution is to have them printed in color and look like Monochrome. My consideration was to have the images and the words tell the story, even when the quality of the images suffer, as I prefer to have the book than have no book while waiting for the perfecting. Perhaps for me the perfection is in getting the story out at the cost that we all could afford. 

Here I had made a slight improvement by designing them in Hardcover and better quality paper. Hope I can get more copies sold. BUY HERE Hardcover!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Yoga in Nature - an exploration of nature and the mind

A photographic journey of yoga and nature inspired by the yoga instructors. Through YOGA and nature, we hope to see the relationship between man/woman and nature as completeness and wholeness. The limitless situations and their responses present a certain coincidence of occasion, where we could see the beauty in the mundane or the mundane in the beautiful. Both coexisting and situate in the landscape of stillness, framed and freeze in a single moment, a single imagery. Presenting themselves for the readers’ interpretations and calisthenics of the minds. All will seek an inward journey reaching the ocean of inner within – the whiteness of peace.
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After many months of photographing, reading and pondering, the book is finally out.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

One Bodhi Tree

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This is a record of the celebration and praying on honour of the special Bodhi Tree.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We love PAP

Election documentation
All the teammates were raised up above the crowd when they won!
I had put the photos into a Photobook form. They can be purchased here

Friday, September 19, 2014


We had great fun

It was a great way to promote healthy and friendly living.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Take a Portrait - Artist Day Out at Istana Park

This is a community project to bring awareness among people living in Singapore, helping to foster a happy and friendly environment. It was started a few years ago in Little India. Portraits were taken and the workers wrote on the photographs and we helped to send them back to India or Bangladesh. Now it has enlarged to include all who love this country.

We started with Little India.
Take a portrait awareness event. To date we had done 3 of such events in the first year. We had 2 sponsors, Cher Tan and Fotohub. The first one we did was at Little India, the second at Golden Mile Complex and the third Lucky Plaza vicinity. 

The Plan.

Thank you to our first sponsor of the event Cher Tan, we deeply appreciate his generous donation. Slight changes to the timing as advised by Ande. It will be postponed to 23rd Sunday from 10:00am to 12:00noon

Usher -
Printer - Ande
Photographer - Meng Foo
Date: 23rd Oct, Sunday

Start Time : 10:00am to 12:00noon, (Volunteer are to come at 9:30am for briefing)

Venue : Golden Mile Complex, Beach Rd
Contact Email :

An event to bring awareness to Singaporean about the contributions the foreign workers have done in Singapore. At the same time, provide the foreign workers a photograph to send home. Simple set up with cameras and swapping of SD card for printing by Ande. The project cost is consumables or printing cost only. We are looking for sponsors for the premise and printing cost. If possible, the postage can be sponsored too will be great. It will be held in Golden Mile Complex.

For Golden Mile Complex Event
The set up

The briefing started at 9:30am at Golden Mile Complex, in front of unit #01-46.
All volunteer photographers are to bring at least 2 SD cards so that the card can be swapped for printing. Please indicate your name on the card to reduce confusion during the printing process.
Ushers will help to explain and prepare the people for the shoot. Allocate 1 ushers to a photographer. Usher will helps to put in name and contribution of the worker on plastic cards with erasable ink to go with the portraits.
Ande will manage his printer with a helper to give out the print. The helper will help to ensure addresses are written behind the postcard. So the last step is a stamp to go with it.

The printer is a speedy printer this time

Volunteer required to stay from 10:00am to 12:00noon

Ushers and helper minimum 2 – Shashi
Photographer minimum 1 – Meng Foo
Printer minimum 1 – Ande